Viscoelastic Anti-Corrosion Adhesive Tape

The viscoelastic anti-corrosion adhesive tape is an ideal anti-corrosion product. Widely used in corrosion prevention and repair of the anti-corrosion coating of oil and natural gas pipelines, repair of damaged 3PE anti-corrosion coating, and corrosion protection of irregular equipment such as flanges, valves and pumps. It has unique cold flow property and can repair itself during anti-corrosion and repairing process to achieve complete protection. Due to the excellent chemical resistance and no peel-off of the cathodic protection layer, the product can completely eliminate water intrusion and microbial corrosion and thus ensure unique long-term effect.

Performance advantage

1.Surface treatment requirement only needs to reach ST2/3 level, no borax rust removal required;

2.Can be directly applied on the surface made of steel, PE, PP, FBE, etc. without requiring primer;

3.Excellent chemical resistance and sealing, it is complete waterproof;

4.Slight defects can be self-repaired;

5.Can be directly applied to anti-corrosion of special-shaped components due to its convenient on-site operation;

6.Wide application temperature range (-30°C ~130°C). It can be installed between -30°C ~60°C.

7.The on-site construction quality is easy to control. It is slightly affected by the environment and technical skills of personnel;

8.It can be stored in long time and the material it adopts is eco-friendly;

9.Application practices of large-scale pipeline engineering at home and abroad show that the quality of the product is stable and reliable.

Technical Parameters


Performance Indicator

Test Method


1.80 mm



1.6 g/cm3


Leakage point (Leakage detection voltage 5 kV/mm+5 kV)

No leakage point

ISO21809-3:2011 Appendix B

Insulation resistivity (100 days)



ISO21809-3:2011 Appendix K

Water absorption


SY/T0414-2007 Appendix B

Overlap shear strength


Strip/steel coating

0.07 MPa

ISO21809-3:2011 Appendix L


Strip/steel coating

0.02 MPa

Impact strength (with outer tape)

20 J

GB/T23257-2009 Appendix K

Peeling strength at 80°C after 100 days,


Strip/steel Coating

0.5 N/mm

ISO21809-3:2011 Appendix D and Appendix I


Strip/steel Coating

0.08 N/mm

Cathodic peeling

(65°C, 28d,)

0 mm, no defect

ISO21809-3, 2011 Appendix F;

Chemical resistant (20℃+3℃, 90 days)


Coating without bubble and peeling

Peeling strength ≥ 5 N/cm

SY/T0315-2005 Appendix I


Application scenarios

Anti-corrosion construction of crude oil pipeline, flanges, valves and pumps

Anticorrosion construction of natural gas pipeline

Application method:

1. Remove rust, weld seam, burr, oil stains, and then dry the surface before using the viscoelastic anti-corrosion adhesive tape. The surface treatment requirement only needs to reach level ST2/3, no borax rust removal required. After rust removal, treat the defects on the steel pipe surface. Clean up the dust and abrasives attached to the surface. Keep the surface of the steel pipe dry. In case of re-rust or surface contamination, carry out surface pretreatment once more.

2. Paste the viscoelastic plaster to the site to be fixed where necessary, and then paste the viscoelastic anti-corrosion adhesive tape.  

3. Tear off the release film before pasting the viscoelastic anti-corrosion adhesive tape.

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