Primer for Anti-Corrosion Tape

The anticorrosive primer and PE anticorrosive tape together constitute the polyethylene cold wound anticorrosive system. Coated on the surface treatment of steel tube, can fill a small bump on the surface of the steel tube, and can increase the adhesive tape with sticky relay between steel tube, at the same time it is also a kind of excellent corrosion inhibitor.


It is composed of rubber, tackifier, stabilizer and solvent.

Technical Parameters 



Synthetic rubber type(Butyl rubber)

Modified asphalt type









Solid content








Tack-free time




Coating amount




Operating temperature



Application scenarios

Anticorrosion construction of natural gas pipeline

Application method:

General provisions

1. The anti-corrosion layer should be constructed at a temperature above 5°C.

2. When the wind and sand are heavy, it is not advisable to paint the primer and wind the adhesive tape without reliable protection facilities.

Steel pipe surface pretreatment

Surface pretreatment should be carried out according to the following regulations:

1 Remove welding slag, burrs, grease, dirt and other attachments on the surface of the steel pipe.

2. Using spray or mechanical rust removal methods, the quality should reach the Sa2 or St3 level specified in the "Surface Corrosion and Derusting Level of Steel Before Painting" GB/T 8923.

3. After rust removal, the defects exposed on the surface of the steel pipe should be treated, the dust and abrasives attached to the surface should be removed, and the surface of the steel pipe should be kept dry. When re-rusting or surface contamination occurs, the surface pretreatment must be performed again.


1. The time interval between the surface treatment of the steel pipe and the application of the primer should be controlled within 4h. The surface of the steel pipe must be dry and dust-free.

2. The primer should be placed in a container and stirred evenly.

3. When the primer is thicker, you should add the diluent matched with the primer and dilute to a suitable viscosity before applying.

4. The primer should be applied evenly, and there should be no defects such as missing coating, clotting and sagging, and the thickness should be greater than or equal to 30um.

5. Wrap the adhesive tape after the primer surface is dry.

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