Color Coding Electrical PVC Tape KC61

◆ High tensile strength.

◆ High elongation.

◆ Good insulation property.

◆ Excellent electrical properties.

◆ Good shape retention.

◆ Operation and installation easily.

◆ RoHS 2011/65/EU(2015/863/EU)compliant.

Product Description 

Cotran Brand KC61 Color Coding Electrical PVC Tape is made of a matte SPVC film coated with a rubber-based adhesive. High elongation, flame retardant, easy tear and excellent Conformability. Application for general electrical purpose and manual wiring harness.


◆ Suitable for use at not more than 600 V and at not more than 80°C (176°F) or an equivalent statement

◆ Protection and coding for outer sheath of high voltage cable joint

◆ Suitable for indoor and outdoor.

◆ Suitable for normal temperature range.

◆ Coding, binding, fixing, repairing, sealing, protection for kinds of industrial applications.


Test Parameters


Test Item


Test Method


Tensile Strength


ASTM D1000


Elongation at Break


ASTM D1000


Dielectric Strength


ASTM D4325


Adhesion (Steel plate)


ASTM D1000


Volume resistivity




Ozone ageing


ASTM D4388




ASTM D4325


Xenon ageing


ISO 4892-2


Working temp.



Note: This is typical value refer to Cotran KC61 SGS test report.

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◆ High elongation.

◆ Good insulation property.

◆ Excellent electrical properties.

◆ Good shape retention.

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Color-Coding PVC Electrical Tape
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◆ Good insulation property.

◆ Excellent electrical properties.

◆ Operation and installation easily.

◆ RoHS 2011/65/EU(2015/863/EU) compliant.

◆ various colors are available.

vinyl-insulating PVC Tape
All-Weather Electrical PVC Tape KC63

◆ High tensile strength.

◆ Flame retardant.

◆ High elongation at break.

◆ The back is rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive with good initial viscosity and bonding strength.

◆ Excellent electrical properties.

◆ Withstand high/low temperature.

◆ Operation and installation easily.

Insulation Piercing Connector
COTRAN Insulation Piercing Connector (JJC series)
Product Applications COTRAN JJC series insulation piercing connectors are applicable for all types of LV-ABC conductors as well as connections in service line system, building electrical system and street lighting system. installation of JJC can be easily done by tightening bolts to forceteeth penetrate insulation of main line and tap line simultaneously. Stripping of insulation is avoided for both lines. Feature Material: insulation material made of weather resistant polymer. Contact teeth made of tinned brass or copper or aluminum. Meet standard requirements: EN 50483-4, NF C33-020, NF C33-004 Specification Type Main line section (mm²) Branch section (mm²) rated current (A) Dimensions  (mm) Weight (g) Piercing Depth (mm) No. of bolts JJC888 0.75-6 0.75-6 41 21*27*23 10 1-1.5 1 JJC-1 1.5-25 1.5-10 55 27*41*62 55 1.5-2 1 JJC-2 16-95 1.5-10 55 27*41*62 55 1-2 1 JJC-3(A) 6-50 4-25 157 42*45*62 110 2.5-3.5 1 JJC-3 16-95 4-35(50) 157 46*52*87 160 2.5-3.5 1 JJC-4 50-150 6-35(50) 157 46*52*87 162 2.5-3.5 1 JJC-5 25-95 25-95 214 50*61*100 198 3-4 1 JJC-5-1 16-120 16-120 214 50*61*100 198 3-4 1 JJC-6 (35)50-150 (35)50-150 316 50*61*100 280 3-4 1 JJC-7 120-240 25-120 276 52*68*100 360 3-4 1 JJC-7-1 150-240 10-25 102 52*68*100 336 3-4 1 JJC-8 95-400 35-300 425 83*130*130 1050 5-6 2
Fiber Electrical insulating Tape
KC58 Epoxy Glass Fiber Electrical insulating Tape

KC58 epoxy glass fiber electrical insulating tape is a strip of insulating binding material of a certain width, impregnated with a high temperature heat curing epoxy resin by a unidirectional, continuous twist, alkali-free glass fiber yarn after treatment. This tape has good softness and viscosity, opened in a network structure, easy to roll back, no loose wire, no overlap. The product has high strength, impact resistance, high modulus, low elongation, no hysteresis and no eddy current loss and other excellent properties.

Fire Retardant Tape
Fire Retardant Tape KC77

KC77 Fire Retardant Tape is a flexible tape with high expansion rate, fire prevention and heat insulation. It is mainly used for fireproof plugging of cracks around single or cluster cables, wind pipe, plastic pipe penetrations and metal penetrations. It has good water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, moisture and heat resistance, and freeze-thaw resistance. It is free of volatile organic matter, asbestos, fiber dust and other harmful substances, safety and environmental protection without pollution. It uses the combination of chemical expansion and physical expansion technology, rapid expansion in case of fire, with the rise of temperature formed with the strength of the carbonization layer tightly filled through the holes of the gap, block the spread of flame and smoke, with more than 3 hours of fire aging. At the same time, the product in the harsh, dirty and other outdoor environment, still can maintain the normal fire function.

Cold Shrink Tube
Waterproof Silicone Rubber Cold Shrink Tube KC92
IPX7 class, stable and long life during operation;
Easy to install, only three steps (Cover, pull and clench);
Fast installation, only 15-30 seconds needed to seal one connection;
No limitation of spare space, especially design for narrow space, high density connectors mounted equipment such as scenario of 3G and 4G combination site, multi-band antenna), also convenient to deploy on wall-mounted, high tower, pole-mounted condition etc;
Easy to uninstall, only need knife to cut tube open;
No skill required by engineers, uniform quality after installation, stable and good sealing and weatherproofing performance;
Much time cost, and labor cost saving;
Good operating capability under extreme cold and hot condition, highland, salt-mist situation, heavy windy weather, and anti-UV, anti-ozone;
Widely deployed for telecom projects wherever in China domestic and oversea;
Cylindrical Battery Water Cooling Tube
Electric Vehicle Cylindrical Battery Aluminum Water Cooling Tube

◆Large thermal dissipation area

◆Good tightness and high strength

◆High thermal dissipation efficiency

◆Low leakage risk and high reliability

◆Stable and high production efficiency

◆Reduce the weight of the battery pack

◆Improve the battery life and performance

◆Less pollution and environmental protection

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