• Silicone Cold Shrink Tube
    Silicone Cold Shrink Tube With Mastic KC97
    Silicone Cold Shrink Tube With Mastic KC97
    ◆ High elastic silicone rubber tube structure with mastic built-in, dual layers design can bring double guarantee of
    ◆ weatherproofing protection;
    ◆ IPX8 class, stable and long life during operation;
    ◆ Easy to install, only three steps (Cover, pull and clench);
    ◆ Fast installation, only 15-30 seconds needed to seal one connection
    ◆ No limitation of spare space, especially design for narrow space, high density connectors mounted equipment  such as scenario of 3G and; 4G combination site, multi-band antenna), also convenient to deploy on wall-mounted, high tower, pole-mounted condition etc.,
    ◆ Easy to uninstall, only need knife to cut tube open and no sticky mastic left;
    ◆ No skill required by engineers, uniform quality after installation, stable and good sealing and weatherproofing performance;
    ◆ Much time cost, and labor cost saving;
    ◆ Perfect SWR performance approved by telecom operators;
    ◆ Good operating capability under extreme cold and hot condition, highland, salt-mist situation, heavy windy weather, and anti-UV, anti-ozone;
    ◆ Widely deployed for telecom projects wherever in China domestic and oversea;

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