EPR Electrical Semi-conducting Tape KC72

◆ Can be used to repair XLPE cable terminations and joints or shielding for other devices up to 110kV.

◆ Retains its conductivity when stretched.

◆ Semi-conducting (low resistivity).

◆ Suitable for irregular shapes cable with good elongation.

◆ Withstand high temperatures (130°C/266°F) short-term overload.

◆ Compatible with all solid dielectric cable insulations and conductors.

◆ Resistance to ozone, solvents, UV, xenon exposure and moisture.

◆ Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications.

◆ Operation and installation easily.

◆ Increases its conductance and will not harm it in any way.

Product Description 

Cotran Brand KC72 electrical semi-conducting tape is a Highly conformable, self-fusing, semi-conducting ethylene

propylene rubber(EPR) based, high voltage splicing tape. KC72 is used for repairing of XLPE cable terminations

and joints or shielding for other devices up to 110kV.


◆ Uniform electric field in high electric field, to minimize electrical stresses in

◆ Continue semi-conducting strand shielding found in solid dielectric cables above 5kV.

◆ Provide shielding layer for solid dielectric insulated cable.

◆ Repair the semi-conducting layer beneath metallic shield of similar cables in case of damage

◆ Make conductive portion of stress cone of power cable termination on solid dielectric insulated cables.

Test Parameters


Test Item


Test Method







ASTM D4325


Tensile Strength


ASTM D4325


Elongation at Break


ASTM D4325


Dielectric Strength


ASTM D1000


Volume resistivity






ASTM D4388


Heat ageing(130℃ 168H)


ASTM D4325




ASTM D4325


Xenon ageing


ISO 4892-2


Cotran Brand KC72 electrical semi-conducting tape is usually wrapped in half-lapped layers. With excellent elongation, stretched overwrapping the connectors, terminals, and metallic shield of power cable.

Step 1 Wipe off the dusts on the power cable area before wrapping.

Step 2 Remove the liner and stretch the tape to 1 to 2 times of its original length, apply the tape in 50%-lapped toward area to the wrapped. Stretching the tape to 4 times of its original length is not recommended.

Step 3 Overwrapping the electrical semi-conducting tape on the power cable on the needed area.

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◆ Can be used to splice and terminate cable, the emergency overload temperatures can reach 130℃.

◆ Based on Ethylene Propylene Rubber(EPR).

◆ Physical and electrical properties are unaffected by the degree of stretch.

◆ Self-fusing tape.

◆ Excellent electrical properties.

◆ A special polyester liner which will not stick to the tape upon unwind.

◆ Operation and installation easily.

◆ Compatible with all solid dielectric cable insulation:

Polyethylene (high and low density).

Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE).

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Butyl rubber.

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◆Flexible flow channel design

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Flexible Fireproof and Explosion-proof Blanket
Flexible Fireproof and Explosion-proof Blanket KC9001

KC9001 Flexible fireproof and explosion-proof blanket is suitable for the outer wrapping of the cable straight joint. It adopts multi-layer protective structure to cover the cable straight joint. The outer layer is made of ablation-resistant fireproof cloth with built-in flexible nano thermal insulation sheet and high strength aramid fiber cloth. When the fire broke out, the built-in can flexible nano can get insulation sheet is 3 ~ 4 times of that of the traditional performance, at the same time the highest heat resistance is above 1200 ℃, and it has excellent flame retardant and heat insulation effect, and the built-in high strength aramid fiber cloth can avoid the middle joint breakdown exploded the harm of adjacent cables, avoid the secondary damage caused by the fire. KC9001 light flexible fireproof blanket is easy to install, and it can be easily installed outside the cable intermediate connector after construction by means of pre-installed fire-resistant tie belt and D-type ring clasp without other tools.

Moisture-controlling tablets
Anti-condensation Moisture-controlling Tablets KC4000
  • Excellent hygroscopic performance, hygroscopic capacity can reach more than 80% of its own weight, sustainable moisture absorption in high humidity environment.
  • Can be used for a long time, the effect of performance does not decay
  • With excellent softness, light weight, installation is not limited by the environment, easy to use
  • At the same time has the function of moisture absorption, moisture release, maintain stable humidity
  • It can also be used normally under zero temperature and does not harden
  • Non-toxic environmental protection, can be directly discarded as ordinary garbage
  • Non-corrosive, no corrosion when in contact with the equipment in the cabinet
  • Reusable。
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◆Good pressure resistance and strength

Wraparound Repair Sleeve
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Cotran wraparound repair sleeve (CWRS) is designed to repair damaged cable jackets and protect cable or pipes where needs corrosion protection on undamaged ones. CWRS is made from modified cross-linked polyolefin (XLPE) with a hot-melt adhesive. When heating, the sleeve shrinks and the adhesive melts, thereby achieving tightly bonding between the sleeve and the cable. It provides an excellent solution of protection against mechanical stress, harshest environments, moisture and corrosion.

CWRF is a fiber reinforced repair sleeve, which is composed of XLPE and fiber layer. It can provide better mechanical properties. CWRA is a fiber reinforced and aluminum layer reinforced repair sleeve, which is composed of XLPE, fiber layer, and aluminum layer. It can provide more stronger mechanical properties than CWRS and CWRF.

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