Anticorrosive Coating for Towers

Anticorrosive coating for towers is a two-component, thick-type, one-side polyurethane acrylic coating with excellent weather resistance and long recoating performance. This product has both anti-corrosion, weather resistance in one, with excellent wear resistance, impact resistance, color retention and aging resistance.

Product Features

  • The construction is safe and convenient, and the surface treatment requirements are low
  • Primer painting and finished painting designing into one, cost-effective, save labor and materials
  • Environmental friendly and pollution-free, in line with the international environmental protection requirements


  • Anticorrosion protection of steel tower structure in new construction or maintenance
  • Anticorrosion protection of other steel structures in various corrosive environment

Technical Parameters

Test Item

Test Standards

Typical Value


JG/T 224-2007


Solid content, (%)



surface dry,(h)

GB/T 1728–1979(1989)


Entity dry,(h)

GB/T 1728–1979(1989)


Adhesion (grid method/grade)

GB/T 9286-98


Bending resistance (mm)

JG/T 224-2007


Impact resistance (mm)

JG/T 224-2007


Resistance to water


168h no abnormalities

Aging test

JG/T 224-2007

no crack, powder ≤ level 1; Discolor≤ level 2

Resistance to salt spray

JG/T 224-2007

750h no flake no red rust

Acid resistance (5%H2SO4)

JG/T 224-2007

500h without exception

Salt resistance water (3%NaCl)

JG/T 224-2007

500h without exception


JG/T 224-2007

Brush two lines without obstacles

Environmental performance

RoHS 2.0



Direction for Use

1, Surface treatment: Clean up rust, burr, oil, dust, the surface should be flat, dry, no loose floating rust, old coating film, oxide scale, rust removal grade should reach ST2 level and above.

2, A, B components in accordance with the use of the proportion of mixing, stirring uniform can be constructed, according to different construction methods and site environmental conditions in the paint to add the appropriate amount of diluent deployment to the appropriate viscosity, so that the paint can be fully infiltrated but does not produce leakage, hanging, loose, peeling and other defects.

3, The tower site coating construction should be carried out from top to bottom. The coating method can be applied by brushing or spraying.

Product Specification

21kg / set (including component A 17.5kg/barrel, component B 3.5kg/barrel)

3kg / set (including component A 2.5kg/ barrel, component B 0.5kg/barrel)


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