Foam Sealing Material KC5000

KC5000 foam sealing material is made of A and B material after proper proportion of mixing, chemical reaction and form foaming body. Before it becomes a foaming body, the product is in liquid form and has good fluidity. It can be extremely well applied to fire proof and moisture-proof plugging at the bottom of various electrical and communication panels and cabinets, fire proof and moisture-proof plugging at the opening of complex perforating pipe fittings, etc. The foam sealing material by fire, heat and other high temperature will produce expanded carbon layer, can effectively prevent the spread of fire combustion and heat transfer, so it can provide good protection for non-fire surface, according to GB 23864-2009 standard requirements, with a 1.5h fire aging. In addition, the product in the harsh, dirty environment, still can maintain the normal fire and moisture-proof function.

Product Features

  • Good Flow and sealability after mixing
  • Good moisture proof performance
  • Ablation resistance, expansion by fire, oxygen resistance and heat insulation
  • Resistance to corrosion and weather
  • Free of asbestos and other harmful substances
  • Good adhesion with the substrate, with cushioning and shock absorption performance


1、All kinds of electrical and communication panel cabinets at the bottom of fire and moisture-proof plugging;

2、Fire proof and moisture-proof sealing of floor slabs or walls through structural openings;

3、Fireproof and moisture-proof plugging of the gap between the wall and the floor slab.

Test Parameters

Test Item

Typical Value

Test Method

Apparent density/(g/cm3)


GB 23864-2009

Initial setting time /min


GB 23864-2009 6.3

The maximum temperature of foaming reaction /℃



Curing time /h



Foam expansion factor

2 times


Expansion rate at high temperature

4 times

GB 23864-2009 6.14

Fire resistance /h

Fire endurance:1.5h

GB 23864-2009 6.16

Combustion performance

Combustion time 10s, combustion height 75mm

GB 23864-2009 6.15

Corrosion (to steel plate, cable skin) /d

7, no rust, corrosion phenomenon

GB 23864-2009 6.7.2

The resistance to water/d

3, no swelling, no cracking

GB 23864-2009 6.8

Oil resistance/d

3, no swelling, no cracking

GB 23864-2009 6.9

Humidity and heat resistance /h

120, no cracking, no powder

GB 23864-2009 6.10

Freeze-thaw resistance/cycle

15, no cracking, no powder

GB 23864-2009 6.11

Direction for Use:

1, Remove the dust, oil, impurities, etc. on the working face, and carry out the construction after the surface is dry;

2. KC6000 non-solidified sealing moisture-proof silica gel mud will be used to block the large holes and pores on the base surface;

3. Mix material A evenly and pour it into the batching bucket (large), then pour material B into the batching bucket and stir it evenly. Both times of mixing should be quickly stirred with A stirring bar for about 10s or stirred with stirring equipment (rotating speed is 2000 RPM /min, stirring is about 5s);

4. Pour the mixed material into the pouring barrel (small) for several times, and then pour it into the base surface to be blocked in turn, fully leveling, and naturally swelling and forming;

5, the material specification is 12kg/ set (including A material 9kg, B material 3kg, A: B=3:1), can be blocked area of 1m2, the height of 2~4cm;

6. In the later stage of pouring to the base surface, when the material fluidity drops slightly, the brush can be used to guide the flow;

7. During the construction process and before the product is dry, it should be waterproof, anti-pollution, anti-movement, anti-bending, anti-touch, and timely repair if there is any damage;

8, A, B material mixing within about 3min, the flow sealing is good, curing time is 1.5~2h, foam expansion rate is 2 times.


24kg/ set, including: A material 18kg/ bucket (plastic bucket), B material 6kg/ bucket (plastic bucket);

12kg/ set, including: A material 9kg/ bucket (plastic bucket), B material 3kg/ bucket (plastic bucket);

4.01kg/ set, including: material A 3.01kg/ bucket (plastic bucket), material B 1kg/ bucket (plastic bucket)

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