Cold-wound Tape Apr 14, 2022

Cold-wound tape has the characteristics of good insulation, excellent anti-corrosion effect, high mechanical strength, collision resistance, aging resistance, low water absorption, convenient construction, safety and health. Is another good material for pipeline anti-corrosion. the following is to introduce the scope of application of cold-wound tape.

It is a strip anticorrosive material made of polyethylene film and a hot composite adhesive layer with butyl adhesive as the main body. With wide application range, long service life and other characteristics. It is widely used in the external anticorrosion of metal pipelines in various pipeline projects and facilities such as petroleum, natural gas, petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, urban gas pipeline network, water supply and so on. Anti-corrosion cold-wound tape is divided into composite anti-corrosion tape and polyethylene-modified asphalt anti-corrosion tape according to different product materials and anti-corrosion structures, which has changed the shortcomings of traditional tapes that need to be wound in multiple layers and reduced construction costs. These advantages are incomparable to ordinary tapes.

PE Anti-Corrosion Adhesive Tape

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