How to identify the quality of butyl tapes? Apr 20, 2022

Distinguish from the smell

General speaking, the really butyl waterproof tape has no smell, and false butyl with some emulsion or asphalt taste, so in the identification, you can smell whether butyl waterproof tape smell.  

Distinguish from the color

The real butyl waterproof tape color is milky white with yellow, and many manufacturers will increase asphalt in order to reduce costs, so the color becomes gray or black, so in the identification, if found that butyl waterproof tape is gray black, must not buy.  

Distinguish from the viscosity

In fact, the initial viscosity of the real butyl waterproof tape is not high, and the false usually increase asphalt and a kind of emulsion to improve the viscosity, in high temperature climate, there will often be flowing condition, durability is greatly reduced, so in the identification, pay attention to these small details.

Distinguish from the test report

There is no test report for the butyl tapes produced by small workshops, while the butyl tapes produced by large manufacturers not only have third-party test reports, but also monitor product quality strictly in accordance with the quality management system.  Test items for butyl tapes vary depending on their application, but are generally UV and aging resistant and the corresponding physical performance test is necessary.  

COTRAN's butyl tapes are one of the few high-quality tapes in the world that can be used in a wide range of applications, including waterproof, weather resistance and physical properties.  

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