How to choose a qualified fireproof solution for power cable? Nov 05, 2021

The insulation layer of power cable is composed of various combustible materials. Therefore, there is the possibility of explosion and fire, and once the cable fire, the fire is fierce, spread quickly, when burning will produce a large number of harmful gases, resulting in rescue difficulties.

Fire is terrible, it mercilessly deprives people of their property and lives.

So we must pay great attention to prevent cable fire accidents.

Usually there are three ways to prevent a fire:

Fire containment, fire detection, fire suppression.

According to burning principles, Oxygen, combustible material, and heat is essential. Once we stop any of them, we can stop the fire.

Therefore, people try to prevent possible fires by using high quality firestop materials.

COTRAN’s high quality fireproof material have been widely acclaimed in the power industry. these solutions include fireproof tape, fireproof composite sheet, fireproof putty, fireproof mat etc.

All the fireproof products are designed to protect power cable and terminations when exposed to potential failure in cable joints by forming a thick char barrier between flame and the cable.

Fireproof application scene

In the heart of reverence for life, please choose a quality fire prevention solution.

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