• Fire Retardant Coating for Electrical Cables
    Cable Fireproof Coating KC2000

    ◆ Completely meet the requirements of GB 28374-2012;

    ◆ Environmental protection halogen-free, non-toxic and harmless;

    ◆ Good flexibility;

    ◆ Good insulation performance;

    ◆ Strong adhesion;

    ◆ Good fire protection effect;

    ◆ Good anti-corrosion performance.

  • Moisture-controlling tablets
    Anti-condensation Moisture-controlling Tablets KC4000
    • Excellent hygroscopic performance, hygroscopic capacity can reach more than 80% of its own weight, sustainable moisture absorption in high humidity environment.
    • Can be used for a long time, the effect of performance does not decay
    • With excellent softness, light weight, installation is not limited by the environment, easy to use
    • At the same time has the function of moisture absorption, moisture release, maintain stable humidity
    • It can also be used normally under zero temperature and does not harden
    • Non-toxic environmental protection, can be directly discarded as ordinary garbage
    • Non-corrosive, no corrosion when in contact with the equipment in the cabinet
    • Reusable。
  • Non-solidified Sealing Moisture-proof Silicone Mastic
    Non-solidified Sealing Moisture-proof Silicone Mastic KC6000

    KC6000 is a kind of dry silicone Mastic, with good viscosity, high temperature resistance (100℃), cold resistance (-40℃), waterproof insulation and fire resistance, never dry and other excellent properties. The product does not contain volatile organic compounds, environmental protection, safety, non-corrosive, suitable for switch cabinets, ring network cabinets, electrical joints, high-speed railway, subway, light rail and other waterproof sealing filling and insulation, easy to form, especially suitable for irregular structure of internal and external sealing

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