Electrical Insulating Filler Tape KC78

High tensile strength and bonding strength.
Suitable for irregular shapes cable with good elongation.
Ensuring high quality seal over a wide range of temperatures.
Physical and electrical properties are unaffected by the degree of stretch.
Self-fusing tape.
Good chemical resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance.
Excellent ageing properties.
Excellent electrical properties.
Operation and installation easily.

Cotran Brand KC78 Electrical Insulation Filler Tape is a conformable, flexible, self-fusing butyl-based, waterproofing mastic tape. It provides excellent resistance to varying weather, aging, and it also provides excellent adhesion to metals, cable insulations and jacket. This product can be used in sealant as a waterproofing filler for low voltage cable terminations and joints. 


◆ To insulate low-voltage (below 600V) connections.
◆ To build up cable splices and fill out major irregularities and voids in low-voltage splices (below 2300V).
◆ To create a uniform base in irregular cable end for further overwrapping.
◆ To smooth bus bar irregularities.
◆ To be a moisture seal at grounding wire.
◆ To be a sealant with excellent adhesion to cable jackets and other insulating materials.

Test Parameters


Test Item


Test Method










Tensile Strength


ASTM D1000


Elongation at Break


ASTM D1000


Insulation resistance

1.53x1013 Ώ.cm

ASTM D1000


Copper corrosion




Cotran Brand KC78 eletrical insulation filler tape should be applied in successive half-lapped, level-wound layers until desired build-up is reached.

Step 1 Wipe off the dusts on the splice area before wrapping.


Step 2 Remove the liner and stretch the tape to 1 to 2 times of its original length, apply the tape in 50%-lapped with mastic side toward area to the wrapped. Stretching the tape to 4 times of its original length is not recommended.


Step 3 Finish breaking the tape by holding it with your thumb and stick the end well.


Step 4 AfterKC78 electrical insulation filler tape is applied, overwrapping COTRAN PVC insulation tape is recommended, apply 3 layers of COTRAN PVC insulation tape in a 50% overlapping with no tension. Make sure not to overstretch the PVC tape during installation.

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◆ Operation and installation easily.

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