Cotran's KC92&KC97 Series Products Sep 17

Cotran’s KC92 &KC97 series products provides the correct Cold Shrink tube to make the installation of coaxial cable and low voltage connectors seals easy. The installation does not require tooling, and the quality of the installation is less installer dependent.

Cotran’s Cold Shrink tubes are open ended, silicone rubber, tubular sleeves. The sleeves are factory expanded and assembled on a removable supporting plastic core. Each rubber assembly is supplied for field installation in this pre-stretched condition. As the core is unwound, the insulating sleeve shrinks to form a tight seal.

The reliable waterproofing performance is the key factor to protect radio’s VSWR, avoid alarms during the long term operation. Cotran’s products have been widely applied in the cell sites over the world since 2015, which can easily pass IP68 grade.