• Cold Shrink Termination
    Cold Shrink Cable Accessories 1KV
    Cold Shrink Cable Accessories 1KV

    Cotran cold shrink terminations and joints are composed of a series of pre-expanded silicone tubes and necessary accessories. The core is removed after the tube is positioned for installation over an inline connection, or terminal lug, allowing the tube to shrink and provide a excellent waterproof seal and electrical insulation. The terminations and joints are designed to be suitable for SWA/UA, XLPE/PVC, Single-core and multi-core cable rated to 0.6/1kV.

  • Cold Shrink Termination
    Cold Shrink Cable Accessories 10-36KV

    Cotran cold shrink terminations (indoor/outdoor) are precisely designed to meet the parameters of international cable and cable accessories standards such as CENELEC HD 629.1 S1, IEEE-48 class 1, IEEE-404, IEC60502. Our cold shrink terminations offers reliable and consistent performance for longer service life. We have designed our cold shrink terminations for single core and 3 cores extruded UA, SWA/STA, CWS/CTW cable through 36kV.

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