• High Precision insulating joint
    64/110KV YJZGG Prefabricated Insulating Joint/ Straight Through Joint For 64/110kv Xlpe Cable

    1. The body of joint is made of imported silicone rubber with good quality, so it is with high strength, elasticity and tear resistance as well as excellent thermal

    aging resistance.

    2. The body of joint has integral pre-fabricate structure with high voltage shielded, stress cone and insulating injection pressed integration, so it has excellent properties and easy to test as well as install.

    3. The body of joint is analized and computed optimization by finite element software, so it has more resonable field-intensity distribution and high insulation safety margin.

    4. The body of insulating joint and straight through joint is the same, the d ifference is just the handling of shielding on-site installation, insulating joint with one side insulated and the rest shielded while staight through joint full shielded.

    5. The joint has completely sealed structure with high mechanical strength and good sealing performance.

    6. Joint protecting is made of insulating copper case with high-intensitive T2 copper, and the moulded high-density PE material of its external surface is used for insulation and anti-corrosion with good mechanical protection and permanent waterproof sealing performance, which ensure the joint to run safely and reliably in the long-term under harsh environment.In addition, it can equip glass fiber reinforced plastic protective box as a strengthen waterproof measure accordingly.

    7. Special installer tools make the installation more convenient.

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