• IDSS
    Inflatable Duct Sealing System for Power Cable (IDSS)

    The inflatable duct sealing system (IDSS) is a wraparound, inflatable mastic-lined bladder used to seal empty or filled cable ducts. When inflated to proper air pressure, the IDSS seals the duct, guaranteeing a reliable water block. The IDSS can be installed in cable ducts in manhole, vaults, buildings, cabinets, or anywhere a reliable duct seal is needed. Application include ducts containing multiple copper, coax, or fiber cable, customer premise cable entrance, and air pipes. IDSS can be installed between -40℃ to 75℃.

  • Wraparound Repair Sleeve
    Wraparound Repair Sleeve
    Wraparound Repair Sleeve

    Cotran wraparound repair sleeve (CWRS) is designed to repair damaged cable jackets and protect cable or pipes where needs corrosion protection on undamaged ones. CWRS is made from modified cross-linked polyolefin (XLPE) with a hot-melt adhesive. When heating, the sleeve shrinks and the adhesive melts, thereby achieving tightly bonding between the sleeve and the cable. It provides an excellent solution of protection against mechanical stress, harshest environments, moisture and corrosion.

    CWRF is a fiber reinforced repair sleeve, which is composed of XLPE and fiber layer. It can provide better mechanical properties. CWRA is a fiber reinforced and aluminum layer reinforced repair sleeve, which is composed of XLPE, fiber layer, and aluminum layer. It can provide more stronger mechanical properties than CWRS and CWRF.

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