Industrial Internet Industry Alliance 5G+ Industrial May 07

Internet Ad Hoc Group was formally established

Communication World Network News (CWW) Industrial Internet is the key support of the fourth industrial revolution. 5G is an important direction for the evolution and upgrading of the new generation of information and communication technology. The integration and innovation of 5G and industrial Internet are conducive to the grafting of my country’s 5G technological advantages and industrial needs. It has become an important direction for the industry to actively explore, and the development of "5G + Industrial Internet" is in a critical period from shallow to deep, from point to surface.

In order to better promote the development of "5G+Industrial Internet", concentrate industrial forces to jointly deal with the problems and challenges encountered by the industry in the early stages of development, and accelerate the deep integration of 5G and industrial Internet, the Industrial Internet Industry Alliance will be held in Hubei on April 21-23, 2021. During the sixteenth plenary meeting of the working group held in Wuhan, the province, the resolution of reorganizing the industrial wireless ad hoc group into the 5G+ industrial Internet ad hoc group (hereinafter referred to as the "ad hoc group") was reviewed and approved.

The ad hoc group is committed to building industrial bridges, gathering ICT companies, industrial companies, scientific research institutions and other industry experts, actively summing up phased development experience, exploring 5G technology and network solutions that meet the needs of industrial deployment and use, and exploring reproducible To promote the application model and sustainable business model, organize and carry out industry promotion activities such as test bed, application competition, case selection and so on.

The ad hoc group will be established between May and July 2021, and colleagues from all walks of life are sincerely invited to actively participate in the joint innovation and development of 5G and industrial Internet. (Reproduced: Communication World Network)

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