• Busbar Insulation Tube
    Heat Shrinkable Busbar Insulation Tube

    Designed for insulation of copper and aluminum busbars- for electrical substations and switchgear cabinets. Can be used for exterior installations

    Shrink ratio: 2.5:1

    Operating voltage: 35 kV

    Material: polyolefin, halogen-free «HF»

    Analogs: BPTM (Raychem); BBI (3M)

    Resistant to the phenomenon of tracking and UV radiation

    High dielectric strength

    Color: brick red

    The use of tubes ТТШ allows shortening the distance between phase busbars and significantly reducing the dimensions of the device

    Protects electrical busbars against chemical corrosion

    Protects equipment from short circuits in case of contact of electrical devices with animals and birds

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