• heat shrink terminations
    Heat shrink cable accessories 1KV

    Cotran heat shrink terminations and joints are composed of a series of pre-expanded adhesive lined heat shrink tubes and necessary accessories. Heat shrink and provide excellent waterproof seal and electrical insulation. The terminations and joints are designed to be suitable for SWA/UA, XLPE/PVC/PILC, S/C, multi-core cable rated to 0.6/1kV.

  • Heat Shrink Straight Joints
    Heat shrink cable accessories 10-36KV

    Cotran heat shrink terminations (indoor/outdoor) are precisely designed to meet the parameters of international cable and cable accessories standards such as CENELEC HD 629.1 S1, IEEE-48, IEEE-404, IEC60502. Our heat shrink terminations offers reliable and consistent performance for longer service life. We have designed our heat shrink terminations for single core and 3 cores extruded UA, SWA/STA, CWS/CTW cable through 36KV.

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