• Flexible Fireproof and Explosion-proof Blanket
    Flexible Fireproof and Explosion-proof Blanket KC9001

    KC9001 Flexible fireproof and explosion-proof blanket is suitable for the outer wrapping of the cable straight joint. It adopts multi-layer protective structure to cover the cable straight joint. The outer layer is made of ablation-resistant fireproof cloth with built-in flexible nano thermal insulation sheet and high strength aramid fiber cloth. When the fire broke out, the built-in can flexible nano can get insulation sheet is 3 ~ 4 times of that of the traditional performance, at the same time the highest heat resistance is above 1200 ℃, and it has excellent flame retardant and heat insulation effect, and the built-in high strength aramid fiber cloth can avoid the middle joint breakdown exploded the harm of adjacent cables, avoid the secondary damage caused by the fire. KC9001 light flexible fireproof blanket is easy to install, and it can be easily installed outside the cable intermediate connector after construction by means of pre-installed fire-resistant tie belt and D-type ring clasp without other tools.

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