Cotran is the historical brand of the group including sealing, waterproofing and telecom accessory for the installation of copper cable connections on cell site. This excellent qualitative offer empowered Cotran to build a global reputation. Cotran’s fastening solutions for telecom RF cables are developed for cable connection waterproofing on cell site transmission line. Because it is essential that you depend on the quality of the used material, our solutions are designed and developed to allow you building reliable and sustainable networks. Some products such as our Rubber Mastic Tape (KC80) and Cold Shrink Tube (KC92 &KC97 series) are now reputed standards in the telecom field, exported all around the world.

Products designed, developed and manufactured by Cotran

We fully master the supply chain for the development of Cotran’s products. With more than 15 years of experience in the telecom network equipment field, our engineering and design office develops our products from the R&D phase up to the industrialization.  Our test laboratory enables us to undergo a whole battery of tests on each one of our developed products in order to verify their conformity with our customers’ needs. Cotran’s products are manufactured and assembled by our teams in our production units based in Shenzhen, China, where is the most important city of tdelecom technology in the world.