64/110kv YJZWFY Outdoor Termination with Composite Insulator For 64/110kv Xlpe Cable

Composite sheath has many advantages compared with traditional porcelain sheath, so it is the best substitute and has been accepted gradually all over the world.

The outer insulation of termination with composite insulator is a composite sheath, which is integrally compounded of one glass fiber reinforced epoxy resin tube and silicone rubber rain-shed, both sides installed with aluminum alloy flange of strong corrosion resistance. Composite sheath has many advantages compared with traditional porcelain sheath, so it is the best substitute and has been accepted gradually all over the world.

Product characteristics
1. Safety and explosion protection, so it will not explode becasue of internal flashover, reducing fault risk effectively, especially suitable for densely populated areas or electrical equipment for centralized place.
2. Silicone rubber with good fouling resistance performance and aging resistance.
3. Light weight, about half weight of outdoor termination with porcelain insulator, so it is easy to install.
4. Good anti-seismic property.
5. Unbreakable, so it is convenient for transportation and installation to improve efficiency.
6. AII the prefabricated stress cones are 1 00 % inspected according to the standard before leaving the factory.

Technical specification



Rated voltage U0/U


Highest operating voltage Um


Impulse voltage withstand level


Insulation filling material


Conductor connection mode


Applicable ambient temperature

-40 to +50


1000m(should make mark if 1000m)

Operative standard

GB/T 11017.3  IEC60840



Porcelain sheath

Outer insulation

silicone rubber with rainshed

Creepage distance


Mechanical strength


Max innder pressure


Tolerance contamination level

IV level

Position of installation

outdoor,vertical ±150


About 200kgs

Suitable for cable section area

240mm2 to 1600mm2

Composite High Voltage Terminations

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3. The body of joint is analized and computed optimization by finite element software, so it has more resonable field-intensity distribution and high insulation safety margin.

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